Fazi Battaglia
Fazi Battaglia

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Fazi Battaglia

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Fazi Battaglia
Fazi Battaglia

An icon of Italian wine

since 1949

Fazi Battaglia yesterday and today

an icon of Italian wine

Most companies and brands are strongly linked to their territory of origin. However, there are very few producers whose name is linked not only to the region of origin, but also on a wider scale to the identity of a country and what it conjures up.

It is history that sanctioned this role and Fazi Battaglia belongs to that limited group of brands that immediately conjures up Italian-made products and our way of being and living that has made us famous all over the world.

Fazi Battaglia

synonymous with Verdicchio

130 hectares of Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi Classico represent the history and tradition of Marche wine all over the world.

The search for excellent quality has solid and distant roots, through vineyard selection in the best areas and continual research and experimentation, both in the vineyards and cellar.
Fazi Battaglia stands out in the territory for its beautiful vineyard locations, where we find the great Verdicchio crus, the result of careful study and extreme selection.


Titulus: Fazi Battaglia’s iconic wine

In its unmistakeable bottle, Titulus remains Fazi Battaglia’s iconic wine.

Few bottles in the world are inextricably linked to the wine they contain like the “Anfora Titulus” of the Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi. Fazi Battaglia’s amphora has managed to retain its characteristics over the years: curvy shape, emerald-green colour and scroll. It is still rolled up and tied by hand today, which illustrates Fazi Battaglia’s spirit: midway between craftsmanship and innovation.

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An all-Italian story

A tour of Fazi Battaglia is exciting and will give you some interesting food for thought.

Fazi Battaglia
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