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A tour of Fazi Battaglia’s cellar is a sensory journey in search of Verdicchio, but also an exciting experience packed with evocative images that will take you through our history. It is a story of courage, innovation and design. An all-Italian story.

Our tours, the communication gallery

A tour of Fazi Battaglia is exciting and will give you some interesting food for thought.

As well as our classic tour of the renovated cellars, where the wines are made, you can also visit the rooms housing the Communication Gallery. This area describes the spirit of innovation (often revolutionary from a communication point of view) which has taken Fazi Battaglia beyond exclusive fame in the wine world over the years, surpassing the limits of the sector to become a symbol of Italianness, our know-how and, above all, our life style.

Going through our Gallery, therefore, is an exciting experience, a kind of journey through the multiple values of wine and their constant interweaving with the culture of our country. Seventy years of Italian life starting with images from the 1950s, which have turned brown with time, depicting moments of everyday life with the colours of memory. This collection introduces you to poor but beautiful unknown workers, farm-hands whose tiredness didn’t manage to take away their grace, the work of many people of all ages, immense deposits of bottles about to be dispatched to far-off countries… up to modern day, through the development of Fazi Battaglia’s communication: it is a veritable socio-cultural journey through Italian history.

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